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Pole-Lap-Striptease and Exotic Dancing
for your, sexy and fun
Private Party Los Angeles Ideas

Available Friday & Saturday nights

pole Dancing on pole Pole Dancing Instructor

Different Pole Dancing Bachelorette Party Ideas
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These are just some examples of great reasons as to why you should get together with your closest girlfriends and have some wonderful social, sensual and sexy fun. You can now learn the actual art of exotic movement yourself, whether you choose to do it professionally or not. These classes are set up in a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere which is completely non-intimidating. This is for the every day woman of any age, size, fitness level or even if you never have danced before!

1) Bachelorette Parties
2) Private Pole Dancing Parties
3) Lap Dance & striptease Parties
4) Bridal Showers
5) Night Out for Couples
6) Birthday Parties
7) Girls Night out
8) Baby Showers

1) Bachelorette Parties?
Uhm…deliciously fun! What about a private pole-lap dancing lesson for the bride or a group lesson for all the girls in the party. These sexy moves will help feel liberated, empowered, and enlightened.

2) Private Pole Dancing Lessons Parties

Whether you are the bride or your friend is, the concept is exactly the same: Make the rest of your life together exciting forever, learning how to do sexy moves on the the floor and the fun tricks on the pole for your honey. In my opinion, this is the best gift you can give to: your "husband to be", to yourself, your self-esteem & confidence and your to own sense of empowerment.
Pole/Lap Dancing Classes at my studio or Floor and Lap Dancing Lessons in your home with your own private party

3) Floor & Lap Dancing and Striptease Lessons Parties
What better gift for a wife to be? Pole dancing-lap and sexy floor dancing lessons in your bachelorette party!!! Girls... just want to... have fun!!! Learn how to keep your boyfriend, fiancé or husband, amused, inspired, and excited to have chosen YOU for ever! It is time to get comfortable with our won sexuality and sensuality so that we can show that to him while you both enjoy it! Learn how to strip while dancing so you look sexy and graceful at all times.

Isabelle's Dance Academy presents:

Bachelorette Parties

at my beautiful cozy, sexy party dance studio in
Santa Monica, West Los Angeles.

The newest, most fun ever, Los Angeles craze for
fun, fitness, & confidence building.

What better gift to give a bride to be?

Pole dancing /Lap dancing, Exotic dancing and Striptease
dancing lessons in your
Private "a la carte" Bachelorette Party!!!

Girls... just want to... have fun, crazy fun!!!

Learn how to keep your boyfriend, fiance or husband, amused, inspired, and excited to have chosen YOU for ever!

What do you get at your bachelorette party?
The reservation and guarantee of booking your own studio time for your private party. You also get the entertainment value of a great class designed with only one purpose in mind: having lots of fun and unforgetable experience.
Your party can come in togther and get the opportunity to dress up together in your own naughty outfits (builds up excitement and bonding :)) while sipping on some wine to unwind and relax. Now... you are ready for the actual dance class and the pole tricks instruction, you get 4 poles, the red and yellow sexy lighting, the sexy ambience and the awsome sexy music. A gorgeous and private dance studio that lilts up like a strip club. You can also use the background for taking pictures in action!

The newest, most fun ever, Los Angeles craze for fun, fitness, & confidence building.

Isabelle's Dance Academy also offers Private Lessons in Pole/Lap Dancing

Kitty posing Leaning on pole
Pole Dancing Instructors & strippers for bachelorette parties. Isabelle when available

Prices, format and options:

Option 1: $300.00 for one hour.

This hour does include "dressing up to be strippers among friends with whichever outfits you choose to bring " while sipping up on some wine to unwind, which also shortens the amount of time for the actual dancing.
Another option would be that your party would arrive ready and
"already dressed up" for the ocasion .

Within this hour you
get the entertainment, the instruction, 4 poles, the red and yellow sexy candle lighting, the ambience and the Wine to unwind plus it covers your the studio time fee within the hour.

After the class but still within the one hour
time you can take pictures in the room with your friends posing around the poles. The party needs to start and finish on time, as sometimes I have bookings back to back.

Option 2: $400.00 for one hour and a half.

This option includes everything described in option one, and it allows for more actual class time to learn a few more fun things on the pole, as well as a more relaxed set up as for the ladies in the party to spend time getting ready for class while dressing together, drinking some wine and also after class taking pictures.

Option 3: $500.00 for two hours.

This of course, is the best set up as you get the best of both worlds. You get to come in with all your friends, and then have a "dress to be nauthy session with your own outsfits" together, while having some wine too. This option let's you explore which "character" you will pick to be for this one experience:

The "Catholic girl", "Naughty secretary", etc and have dresssing up like when we were little girls. Now we are little girls dressing up to be sexy naughty girls. FUN!!! Lots of FEMALE BONDING

After that you can have your good hour and a half time of class and pole tricks and then at the end the photo session in costumes with your friends around the poles. Now...come on often do we get to this fun outings in a girls night out?

How to book a date? Booking instructions at the bottom of this page.
Please send me an email, with your date and time, and I will confirm availability. In order to book the bachelorette party or dance gig event,
I require a $200.00 non refundable deposit for option the 1 hour option,
a $300.00 non refundable deposit for option of the hour and a half and
a $400.00
non refundable deposit for option of two hours.
This way we all know we can count on each other.

Isabelle's team of Instructors out of which some are ex professionals Strippers, is available for your private party in Los Angeles.

Please email me your tentative date to check for availability at, subject: Bachelorette Party

Isabelle's Dance Academy also offers Private Lessons in Pole/Lap Dancing

These are the instructions to "book"
a private bachelorette Party
@ ISabelle's Dance Studio.

Please understand that a "booking fee", guarantees you, your chosen time and date to have your party at the Studio. It also gurantees the showing up of the Instructors or dancers and my commitment to you for the date and time that we have agreed to have your party.  For this same reason, your booking fee or deposit is non_refundable and non- transferable, as I can't sell that same time slot,  to anybody else once you book it.

When you send me an email letting me know that  you have made your payment, please also add the name and the email address that you will be using when making the paypal payment.  It has happened to me in the past, that somebody sends me a payment with another email address or legal name, different than the one that I was using with a specific party up to that point, creating quite a bit of unnecessary confusion and stress for both ends as I couldn't find the payment for a specific hostess.    

In my case, I am the talent and the booking agent, so I have to take care of both ends of this deal as professionally and as tidy as I can.

I am looking forward to entertaining your party, after doing all this boring paperwork :)

Looking foward to a great Los Angeles Pole Dancing Party


POlesPole dancing studio santa monica

View from entrance, with night lighting
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